UPDATED 31 July 2017 - iCloud Lost Service WITH INFO Working - UK Clean ALL ( o2, Vodafone, EE/Orange UK ) Working - EE/Orange UK Premium & UNBARRING Working Perfectly - USA AT&T Premium Work - SPRINT Premium Working Perfect - T-Mobile USA CLEAN & Financed Working Perfect - T-Mobile USA UNBARRING Working Perfect - Roger/Fido Premium ON TEST - Telus Canada Clean Working - Bell Canada CLEAN & SEMI Premium Working - EMEA Premium Unlocking Service Price Stable NOW - Vodafone Ireland Price Down - Meteor Ireland Working Perfect - Sweden 3, TELIA, Telenor, Working Perfect NOW - Z3x Credits Instant , SETOOL/LGETOOL Credits Instant, INFINITY Credits & Activations , NCK Dongle Activations More Soon

Alcatel (MTK Android)

Instructions for extract SRO from phone :

- Power on phone and press *#837# or *#3228#
- List will be shown in phone, search name that starts for "X" letter
- Write this info in the field SRO that you will be asked

With this we already get SRO, so only rest to introduce model and imei.
After press calculate, and server will give us codes in few seconds.

Supported List :

Alcatel OT-890 Alcatel OT-891 Alcatel OT-903 Alcatel OT-903D Alcatel OT-908 Alcatel OT-908F
Alcatel OT-909 Alcatel OT-910 Alcatel OT-916 Alcatel OT-916D Alcatel OT-918 Alcatel OT-918D
Alcatel OT-918N Alcatel OT-922 Alcatel OT-928 Alcatel OT-966 Alcatel OT-985 Alcatel OT-990
Alcatel OT-991 Alcatel OT-991D Alcatel OT-992 Alcatel OT-997 Alcatel OT-3201 Alcatel OT-7030
Alcatel OT-7030L Alcatel OT-7030R Alcatel OT-A890 Alcatel OT-A909 Alcatel OT-A919 Alcatel
OT-A966 Alcatel OT-A980 Alcatel OT-A986 Alcatel OT-C908 Alcatel OT-C918 Alcatel OT-C919
Alcatel OT-C990 Alcatel OT-M960 Alcatel OT-MOV2 Alcatel OT-MOVE Alcatel OT-V861 Alcatel

Price : €3EUR

1. GSX 1-6 Hours [ Tested Working ]

2. iCloud Clean ALL Services working

3.iCLoud Lost/Premium Working Perfect

4. UK o2 New Source Added - Price Down

5. UK EE 100% New Source - Price Down

6. Canada Telus/Bell Clean Working 

7. Sprint USA Clean/Premium Tested

8. Samsung FRP Working Via USB Perfect

9. Sony Via IMEI Prices Down 

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